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Ceramics By

Elkie Fairbrother

After dabbling in ceramics in the 80s, Australian ceramist Elkie Fairbrother came back to clay in 2017. Drawn to shape and form, her sculptural, hand-thrown pieces are so unique they have her fingerprints all over them. Building with mud and water, she works with speckled, exposed clay for a raw, organic and natural finish. Elkie has created an exclusive range in a cultivating palette for Palinopsia, to bring her peerless pieces to our ceramic-obsessed community. This range drop only has limited items per piece, so seize the clay because these beauties won’t be long for the shelves. 

A Nurturing Mood.

Putting down roots. Peppered and softly washed botanical colours; tender naturals, pink salt and sands, pastel straw, soil browns, unrefined cotton white, and frost blues.