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Palinopsia pieces and people: both made for keeping both one-of-a-kinds. These are words we live by. With big premises come bigger dreams, and the time is now to showcase local Newcastle talent. 


Handmade Ceramic Art functional Vase

Browse our new collection to explore the magnificent, sculptural pottery pieces by Teval Guner.  Teval’s pieces capture the familiarity of motherhood, femininity, and of organic forms. There is a balanced narrative in Teval's work both of local Newcastle identity as well as her Turkish roots.

Originally a painter, Teval switched to ceramics in 2014. Compared to painting and drawing, Teval describes working with clay as freedom “It was using my hands and being able to form whatever was in my mind”. 

 Handmade Cermic Vase


 Ceramic Sculpture Art and Vase by Teval Guner


“I really love creating the out of the ordinary, organic and quirky pieces that are simultaneously functional as well.”


“You can see me working away in my studio on The Hill” both a suburb and a hill that overlooks the sea-sprayed town, “I really love creating the out of the ordinary, organic and quirky pieces that are simultaneously functional as well.”


Hand painted ceramic planter and vase

Cockatoo Ring Holder Hand made Ceramics


Theres a feeling of freedom in Teval’s shapes, which she builds and paints by hand. The pieces are memorable, clay is moulded so that you can feel things, where the impression stays.



Handmade ceramic planter


“I particularly centre my pieces with a wabi-sabi philosophy – which is a Japanese philosophy based around the acceptance of both transience and imperfection. My favourite personal creations are my ladies”.


Handmade ceramic platter by Teval Palinopsia homewares

Newcastle is a hive of makers and innovators, buzzing with new growth. We’re at the North end of Darby Street, the beating heart of this creative core, bordering the Art Gallery and much-loved Civic Park. Whether you pass by every day, live round the corner or just visiting – we’ve got beautiful things to peruse in our quirky new premises. Drop by our handmade ceramics store and soak up the goodness.

 Ceramics by Teval Guner

Ceramics by Teval are handmade ceramic one-offs in limited releases. Once sold they are not reproduced or replicated. So get in quick!

Teval Guner picture in her studio on the Hill in Newcastle, New South Wales.  

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