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Our salty maiden voyage into pepper-speckled clay tilts from transparent, smokey aquas and liberty blues to cool misty greys. Shifting from subdued matt to lustrous satin textures, all drippy layers and aqueous pools frozen in time by the lick of the kiln’s flame. Each piece tells Forget-Me-Not tales of its gnarly journey, of murky glimpses of monsters, luring sirens and mighty deities. A calming yet intriguing neutral hero for coastal homes, galley kitchens and narrow tables that will stand the test of time.

Handmade coffee mug
Tea ritual set by palinopsia Ceramics in Blue speckle ceramic stoneware, in the sun with flowers
Handmade stoneware lunch plate in blue grey speckle glaze by Palinopsia Ceramics

Forget Me Not

We're exploring new horizons. A wide open perspective, find solace in the diluted and transparent blues of our forget-me-not glaze. Super blues, mist grey and diluted ultramarine layered together for a fluid finish that appears like a ripple, almost frozen in time by our kilns. A therapeutic palette peppered by our speckled clay.