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Stoneware for Storytellers

Palinopsia is a rare state where you keep seeing an object, long after you’ve stopped looking at it. It’s about lasting impressions, and so are we. Pushing back on disposability culture, we make for keeps and bang the no-ho-hum drum. Our handmade ceramics have stories baked into them, each a one-and-only, with the swagger of signature style. We subscribe to the chaos of variety and celebrate difference because that’s where life lives. Style minimalists, we’re maxed out in personality. Plate up on a ceramic canvas and let your food write the rest.

Made For Keeps

Set your places with purposeful pieces. Our earthenware is enduring, like an old friend; as your meal table turns, our dishes stay through your seasons. Through the rowdy nachos nights and potluck plus-ones until your dinnertime has a five in it. Featuring an ever-evolving contemporary range of base shapes – swap out, add-to and customise your setting with individual items.

Soulful Placemaking

There’s no such thing as the ‘good china,’ so eat with a sense of occasion every day. Seize the dish and flaunt your flair with one-of-a-kind ceramics. Each piece is a platform to tell a tale, and every range drop brings new colours and character. We’ve taken the story from mud to made, now it’s your turn to once upon a plate.

Mud Magic

That earth under your feet has seen some things. Through the seasons and the elemental lovefest of earth, air, fire and water, time is written in mud. Clay is slow and careful; cultured over epic stretches of time, in rare circumstances, so we can make and do. We respect this mineral-wizardry by creating durable, longevity-loving pieces; disposable culture isn’t our jam. Planet to plate, we turn these raw, long-weathered ingredients into everyday objects. Our handmade ceramics are made for you, so you can own stories, not stuff.

Glimpse The Gram

Not sure about a colour, need to see some examples of the glaze and its variations? Why not check out what the cool kids are posting on the gram!