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Soda Fired

Between rice fields and cool temperate rainforest in North-East Thailand, a small all-female team of ceramicists gets all their ducks in a row to reimagine the vintage stoneware you may fondly recall from dinner at Grandma’s. A real appreciation of slow living, each carefully considered organic shape is hand-dipped in desaturated earthy tones of cool-smooth duck-egg blue and salt licked warm-dry brown, then finished with a flourish of utter spontaneity – harnessing the ancient alchemy of soda firing. Each piece, a complete surprise and a nostalgic dabble.

Full Dinnerware Set in rustic brown and blue colour, table set on a blue linen tablecloth with gold cutlery


This gentle palette of tactile and pliable colours captures our continuing theme of duality, mixing warm shades of stone and earthy browns with a family of cooler blues. Dual handle of dry and smooth add a tactile touchy-feely interest to the organic shapes. Like water off a ducks back; a subtly vintage colour theme to take on any cuisine.