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Behind The Name

Palinopsia is a rare state where you keep seeing an object, long after you’ve stopped looking at it. It’s about lasting impressions, and so are we. Pushing back on disposability culture, we make for keeps and bang the no-ho-hum drum. Our handmade ceramics have stories baked into them, each a one-and-only, with the swagger of signature style. We subscribe to the chaos of variety and celebrate difference because that’s where life lives. Style minimalists, we’re maxed out in personality. Plate up on a ceramic canvas and let your food write the rest. 

Imperfect Stories

We experiment with colour, but we’re base-shape loyal so you can add pieces, swap them out or have an extra set for your in-laws. Using only natural, food safe, raw materials, our items are people-friendly feast-enablers. We use raw materials, frits and oxides because the process is dynamic enough for uniqueness but stable enough to deliver design DNA. Because regular stains produce regulated pieces, our glazes blend our new and ancient techniques with contemporary tweaks.

Legacy of Artisanship

Some people collect broaches, some portraits and some plates and bowls. When a piece speaks to you, you imagine what went before it, the passed-down stories. That’s Palinopsia: the impression stays. We make for the collectors, the flea market foragers and the hand-me-downers. Don’t mass produce your story. We mould clay so you can feel things.

Planet to Plate

What we do and don’t do matters. In constant conversation, we continue to modify our environmental and social influence from design to delivery. And our people and partners are all-in, in terms of responsible trading and reducing plastic and waste. Always innovating, brainstorming and tweaking to make strides in sustainability and durability, we take a planet perspective.