Australian landscape outdoor fine dining with Palinopsia Handmade Ceramics

Unique Pieces Made For Keeping

Our Story


Behind The Name

Palinopsia is a rare state where you keep seeing an object, long after you’ve stopped looking at it. It’s about lasting impressions, and so are we. Pushing back on disposability culture, we make for keeps and bang the no-ho-hum drum. Our handmade ceramics have stories baked into them, each a one-and-only, with the swagger of signature style. We subscribe to the chaos of variety and celebrate difference because that’s where life lives. Style minimalists, we’re maxed out in personality. Plate up on a ceramic canvas and let your food write the rest. 



"I trained in fashion and textile design and explored multiple industries to refine my design and development skills before settling on clay. Something about clay and the mineral-wizardry behind firing a glaze always intrigued me. There’s something magic about the plates on your table coming from the earth beneath the feet of the artists who made them. About wondering what that earth’s seen, who’s trodden upon it, and how it’s ended up on your table. Time is written in mud. After 17 years developing products for big-box retailers, I became acutely aware of the disconnect between maker, craft and consumer. I wanted to build a business that prioritises creativity, connection, and community, reflecting my practised values in everything I do. I'm excited about Palinopsia's future and deeply grateful for everyone who has supported us. Thank you for welcoming us into your homes and making us a part of your mealtime rituals. It is a profound honour."

~ Tamara Bajic


To Each Their Own

These aren’t your bog-standard ceramic clones. Each piece wears a design swayed by hot-kiln chemistry. That marble coloured jug is the lovechild of handmade processes and reactive glazes. Some items show a family resemblance, and others look so different you’ll suspect the milkman. Eat from a piece that has no replication in the world.