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Soul Origin Catering x Palinopsia

Savour the culinary harmony as Soul Origin meets our 'made for keeping' ethos in a picturesque collaboration, offering flawlessly prepared dishes and stylish Salad Bowls and Platters for an effortlessly chic gathering.

Designing Delicious: The Art of Setting the Perfect Dinner Table

Buckle up, because we're about to spill the gravy on crafting unforgettable dining experiences. Your secret weapon for flawless table settings is just a click away!

Unleash Your Inner Artist with our Coastal-Inspired Dinner Set Collection

Prepare to embark on a creative journey that merges the artistic expression of coastal wonders. Pollock, our handmade ceramic dinner set seamlessly blends the beauty of the coast with a touch of artsy flair. Immerse...

Clay Chronicles: From Mud to Magic, the Journey of Handmade Ceramic Dinner Sets

Get ready to dive into the messy and fascinating world of shaping clay, where we take you behind the scenes and explore the intricate process behind creating Palinopsia’s handmade ceramic dinner sets. 

Starting a Business: 4 Tips That Made All the Difference for Me

'First things first, let's address the elephant in the room: starting a business during a pandemic, looming recession and inflation is no joke. But hey, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade... or in...

Reawaken the Retro with Palinopsia's Ancient Soda-Fired Pottery

'Good news - retro is now mainstream' Alright, time to be frank - how many of us have been to a flea market, scoured second-hand stores, and even explored our grandparents' china cabinets in search...

Shape Up: Clay Co-Play With Elkie Fairbrother

In Elke, Paliopsia finds a pal who shares the pottery philosophy of daring and difference. After many firings, Elke is certain of two things: failure is important, and you can't rush ceramics.

Loving Linen, The Touchy-Feely Fabric

" Like humans, linen gets softer over time, so the more you love it, the more it looks and feels even better "  Turns out there’s a name for being connected to texture: ‘tactile-emotional synesthesia.’...

Chocolate Fondant

We can feel the weather turning, colours are changing and mornings are becoming darker and colder. And as we reflect on the good things ahead in a slow and comfortable season, one thing is at the top of...