Soul Origin Catering x Palinopsia

Soul Origin Catering x Palinopsia

Crafting Memorable Moments Through Culinary Artistry

Last week marked a delightful chapter for us as we joined forces with Soul Origin Catering in a collaborative campaign titled 'Let Us Host Your Summer.’

 Bright outdoor summer table in Sydney Australia with handmade blue dinnerware


A Tale of Good Food and Great Origins

For those unfamiliar with Soul Origin, the journey began in 2008 amidst the Global Financial Crisis, spearheaded by two brothers and their best mate from Sydney, Australia. Three years of meticulous refinement culminated in the opening of the inaugural Soul Origin store in 2011, unveiling a brand that would eventually span over 150 outlets across Australia, grounded in a commitment to meaningful relationships with local farmers and suppliers.

Blue dinnerware set summer vibrant colours for outdoor table setting in Sydney Australia

Soul Origin Catering Summer Salads with handmade ceramics by Palinopsia Ceramics on outdoor table setting in Australia
Bright Summer Table setting by Palinopsia Ceramics and Soul Origin Catering Salads, brownies and grazing boards

Culinary Synergy: A Shared Vision

The commitment of Soul Origin to meticulously sourced, ethically grown ingredients effortlessly aligns with our own 'made for keeping' dinnerware philosophy. An integral part of their mission is dedicated to the enduring sustainability of the coffee industry, both domestically and at its source.

Beautiful outdoor dining table by Palinopsia Ceramics with bright summer tablecloth and linen colours and blue dinnerware set

This common dedication laid the foundation for a remarkable collaboration, where our imaginative creations unfolded against the scenic backdrop of Glenorie, Sydney. Nestled amongst our carefully crafted serving platters and artisanal ceramic dinnerware sets, conceived by devoted artists and studios transforming raw materials into daily marvels, we savoured a lavish meal in the company of cherished ones. As Soul Origin aptly expresses, "Food and family are fuel for our soul; it provides us a connection and belonging, and that is the true essence of Soul Origin.”

Man pouring Mumm Champagne at a summer outdoor dining event by Palinopsia Ceramics

In this culinary rendezvous, our shared ethos transcended the dining experience. It became a celebration of sustainable values, uniting people through the appreciation of thoughtfully sourced nourishment and the artistic transformation of fundamental materials into extraordinary ceramics and everyday treasures.

Women dining outdoors at a bright summer dining table by Palinopsia Ceramics and catered by Soul Origin in Sydney Australia

Prep Less, Enjoy More

In the midst of a bustling quarter for Palinopsia, juggling photoshoots, shop duties, and crafting our latest pottery collection, the ease with which Soul Origin Catering handled the needs of a family of eight left a lasting impression. Catering, it seemed, could be my secret weapon in the ongoing battle against time – whether lightening the load with pre-ordered salads and desserts or taking charge of the entire culinary affair.

 Soul Origin Pasta Salad with chicken schnitzel for summer catering ideas with Palinopsia Ceramics Maya dinnerware set

Reflecting on the potential relief from future culinary stress, I envisioned bidding farewell to the chaos of recipe decisions, quantity calculations, shopping list compilations, and the frenzied supermarket experience. Opting for pre-ordered, fresh delights not only minimised food waste but also liberated precious fridge space, now reserved exclusively for Moët and Rosé!

 Fruit platter ideas for catering this summer on handmade ceramic serving platters by Palinopsia

While salads might appear straightforward, in the whirlwind of the season, they morph into stealthy time thieves, demanding relentless chopping, dicing, cleaning, and blitzing. Why not let Soul Origin Catering alleviate some of that Christmas catering lunch prep for you this year? Allow yourself to fully concentrate on the ham, lamb, or 'The Pav'! From flawlessly prepared salads to enticing grazing boards and luscious fruit platters, they've got every aspect covered. And when it comes to elevating your presentation with stylish Salad Bowls and Platters, guess what? We've got that covered too!

Woman serving a Greek Salad by Soul Origin Catering in a handmade blue and white stoneware bowl by Palinopsia ceramics

We invite you to savour the moments captured during our collaboration and consider embracing a stress-free catering experience this year. Cheers to good food, good company, and a season filled with joy!

Tamara Bajic, founder of homewares brand Palinopsia Ceramics

 Special thanks to Judyta Hulme for the venue and photography styling