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Birds-eye view of a Handmade Black dinner plate for restaurants, here a duck breast with vegetables is served by Sydney chef Gerald Touchard
Caprese Salad served up on a powder blue handmade pasta and entree plate by Palinopsia Ceramics


Shake up the tyranny of the plain white plate. Tell tales with your trading tables before you serve a smidgeon of food. Forget fad or fashion, place make with conversation-starting pieces. From cafes and restaurants to hotels, resorts and on-the-fly fiestas, our timeless tableware has heritage and character baked into it. 

Yes, Chef – our plates and bowls are handsome as hell, but they also hold up to some serious manhandling. Fired at high temps, this is high quality, commercial-grade stoneware: strong, dishwasher-friendly and microwave and oven-safe up to 240 degrees.

From an eight top party to a deuce of foodies, we cover all your covers. And if you look after interiors, spec our standout stoneware for commercial spaces and high-end clients; dress your designs with ceramic statements. For the plate-dreamers, we can custom-make your imagination from scratch. All you need is to meet the minimum order. For more tidbits about our range and availability, pen us a cute note.

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