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Restaurant plates and bowls for fine dining restaurants

 Dethrone the Monotone

Hospitality Catalogue


Shake up the tyranny of the plain white plate. Tell tales with your trading tables before you serve a smidgeon of food. Forget fad or fashion, place make with conversation-starting pieces. From cafes and restaurants to hotels, resorts and on-the-fly fiestas, our timeless tableware has heritage and character baked into it. 

Yes, Chef – our plates and bowls are handsome as hell, but they also hold up to some serious manhandling. Fired at high temps, this is high quality, commercial-grade stoneware: strong, dishwasher-friendly and microwave and oven-safe up to 240 degrees.

From an eight top party to a deuce of foodies, we cover all your covers. And if you look after interiors, spec our standout stoneware for commercial spaces and high-end clients; dress your designs with ceramic statements. For the plate-dreamers, we can custom-make your imagination from scratch. All you need is to meet the minimum order. For more tidbits about our range and availability, pen us a cute note.


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