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Unleash Your Inner Artist with our Coastal-Inspired Dinner Set Collection

Unleash Your Inner Artist with our Coastal-Inspired Dinner Set Collection

Prepare to embark on a creative journey that merges the artistic expression of coastal wonders. Pollock, our handmade ceramic dinner set seamlessly blends the beauty of the coast with a touch of artsy flair. Immerse yourself in the captivating colours, organic textures, and coastal charm that will awaken your inner artist and transport you to the breezy shores of inspiration.


Seaside Stories Unfold

Handcrafted on the west coast of Portugal, where the fresh Atlantic ocean has already set the scene for us. The Pollock collection is a celebration of the rich coastal heritage that thrives in Portugal. It's an homage to the vibrant seafood markets, where sardines gleam like silver under the sun, and fresh Mediterranean salads burst with flavours reminiscent of lazy beachside picnics. With its sandy hues, cliff-inspired textures, and waves of mesmerising blues, this collection brings the spirit of the coast to your table, creating a sensory experience that transports you to those idyllic seaside moments.


Comporta Portugal country side and traditional beach holiday homes

Lison Portugal seafood restaurant waiter holding up a fish

Australian outdoor fine dining in winter with friends, with blue and white dinner plates by Palinopsia Ceramics and locally handmade linen and napery in blue and rust colours

A Canvas of Coastal Artistry

Pollock is our debut collection—it's the colours and shapes that launched Palinopsia Ceramics into the hearts of the Australian people. We created this collection because we truly felt like there was nothing out there like it. Each piece is an artistic expression, a little ceramic canvas of melted blue and white glazes forever frozen in time by the lick of the kiln's flame.

Three years in development, each piece of the collection has undergone numerous attempts on the wheel. We shaped and trimmed each piece until it all fitted together cohesively. It was important to us that each plate and bowl served a functional purpose in the kitchen, but could also makes a bold statement on its own. Then came time for glaze sampling. We fired round after round until we were happy with the colours and tones, drip level, and texture. Each piece had to evoke a dramatic coastal expression—splashes, drips, waves, and utter spontaneity!

How would I describe the colours? Glassy seafoam white tints and merging ombrés of super blues; ultramarine and deep sea navy set against a natural speckled stone.


Pollock hand painted dinner set

A True Performer 

The everyday dinner set consists of a large Ø29cm dinner plate, Ø22cm lunch plate, a Ø22cm pasta bowl with a taller raised edge that tilts out, and a petite  Ø12.5cm breakfast bowl that doubles as a great ice-cream bowl. To complement the set, we designed two glorious serving dishes—a very large, low and wide serving dish that can be used in the oven for baking and roasting, and a tall cone-shaped fruit bowl that showcases the magic of the glaze the most. The best part? They are all dishwasher safe, ovenproof, and microwave safe. Talk about a triple threat!



Our Passion for Perfecting

From concept through to development and delivery, all our hard work and effort has resulted in us hitting the mark! I am very proud of this collection, and I will never tire of watching customers be stopped in their tracks when this collection is displayed in all its glory in our Newcastle shop window. They point, stare, take photos, and share on social media. To me, that's a good sign we delivered well. I still adore every box opening when I restock the shelves—every piece melts my heart with its unique face and character. I invite you to discover and enjoy these beautiful and functional works of art with me. From my heart to yours, a ceramic masterpiece fit for any coastal home.

Experience the Magic of Handcrafted Ceramics

So, join me on this voyage of discovery and inspiration. Let the Pollock collection ignite your imagination, awaken your senses, and transport you to the sun-soaked shores of Portugal. Experience the magic of handcrafted ceramics, the allure of the coast, and the joy of sharing memorable moments around a table set with love and artistry. Let Palinopsia Ceramics bring the spirit of Portugal's coast into your home, where the beauty of the ocean meets the creativity of your soul.

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