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Pollock Pasta Bowl Set

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Our most gifted set for the al dente lovers includes 6 handmade pasta bowls and our hero serving bowl, you'll have plenty of room for carb-loading with your favourite Italian dishes. Featuring our iconic Pollock blue and white pattern, it's like taking a stroll on the beaches of Capri. And the best part? You don't even need a passport to enjoy it! So mangia, mangia, and let the good times roll!

Our Pasta Bowls are  Ø22cm x 5.5cm high

The Large Pollock Serving Bowl is Ø34cm x 6.7cm high

Both bowls sport an organic shape with drippy white glaze thats sea-foam suggestive. It's made from stoneware, a clay sourced in mineral rich Portugal, and then it's fired to extremely high temperatures for over 12 hours. Making our ceramics very durable and  fully vitrified (a fancy way of saying it won't absorb food and colour). 

Its hand formed, painted and hand trimmed so variation should be expected. Dishwasher SafeMicrowave safe and Oven proof, talk about a triple threat! 

Our full Pollock Collection is made on the West coast of Portugal, where the road leading to this workshop is lined with olive trees and the air smells like fresh pine, from a small sunny community in Portugal, we are grateful to work with uncompromising heritage and skill.