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Sabe Pasta Bowl

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Get ready to twirl your fork and slurp your way to happiness with our Ballad Blue pasta bowl. The powder blue hue is guaranteed to make your dish pop, creating a culinary ballad that sings to your senses. 

Made from stoneware that's fired to perfection on the west coast of Portugal, with a flat base and a raised lip, this bowl is ready to cradle your perfectly al dente pasta.  Plus, the cool blue hue is just what you need to feel like you're dining al fresco on the Algarve coast (minus the crowds of tourists). So go ahead and hit all the high notes of your favourite pasta dish with the Ballad Blue Pasta Bowl."

The Sabe pasta bowl is Ø21cm with a 3.5cm high raised lip, it can be stacked and is both dishwasher and microwave safeOh, and just like your special crystal, these plates need some love too! Avoid storing them in dish draws (nope, not even the big deep one) or they'll get a bit banged up. Store them safely in a cupboard or on a shelf where they can just chill out and avoid any unnecessary knocks. We want your ceramics to last, so handle them with care and they'll serve you beautifully for years to come.