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Soda Mug

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Introducing our fabulous soda-fired mug, a ceramic masterpiece that effortlessly blends retro flair with modern charm. Inspired by the groovy stoneware of the 1970s, this mug rocks a captivating mix of earthy browns and serene duck egg blues. Sip your favourite brew or indulge in a comforting cup of cocoa with this mug's comfy handle and generous size. It's like hugging a mug that's straight out of grandma's collection, but with a hip twist. Handcrafted with love using the soda firing technique, this mug is as unique as it gets. So, get your groove on and sip in style, baby!

Soda firing is a captivating ceramic technique where soda ash is introduced into a hot kiln, interacting with glaze to create unique textures and colours. It adds a touch of magic to pottery, producing stunning effects like speckling and flashing. It's a creative process that infuses ceramics with character and charm. Soda firing is popular among ceramic artists and potters who value the distinctive results it produces. This firing technique allows for artistic exploration and the creation of truly individualised ceramic artworks.

Our Soda mug is Ø9cm x 8cm high, it has a dual handle of dry and smooth textures. It's made from stoneware, with a clay sourced from far North East Thailand. It's fired to extremely high temperatures for over 12 hours (twice!) making this piece very durable and fully vitrified (a fancy way of saying it won't absorb food and colour). 

The Soda collection is handmade by a female studio in North East Thailand, using slip casts, wheels, jiggers and jollys. Its hand formed, glazed and hand trimmed so variation should be expected. Dishwasher Safe, Microwave safe and Oven proof, talk about a triple threat!