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Reawaken the Retro with Palinopsia's Ancient Soda-Fired Pottery

Reawaken the Retro with Palinopsia's Ancient Soda-Fired Pottery

'Good news - retro is now mainstream'

Alright, time to be frank - how many of us have been to a flea market, scoured second-hand stores, and even explored our grandparents' china cabinets in search of retro pottery? Good news - retro is now mainstream, and we have done all the hard work for you. 


retro dinner set in brown and duck egg blue

Enter, Palinopsia's Soda-Fired Pottery Collection! This is a 100% handmade ceramic dinner set collection, it's crafted with care and skill and will add a touch of retro to any living room or dining room. The soda firing process used in this collection gives the pieces a unique texture that pulls off the rustic look flawlessly.


What makes this collection so unique is the unpredictable nature of the soda firing technique - due to its spontaneous nature it's hard to control but we have a good idea what the tones and colour range will be. The soda ash we add to the kiln creates spontaneous reactions and results that add to its rustic charm, making it stand out from the crowd with its varying textures, colours, and character.

Mallard - About the colour

'Our aim was a gentle palette of tactile and pliable colours, mixing warm shaded of stone and earthy browns with a family of cooler duck egg blues. Dual handle of dry and smooth add a tactile touchy-feely interest to the organic shapes. Like water off a ducks back; a subtly vintage colour theme to take on any cuisine.'

And the result? An eye-catching, retro-inspired collection that puts even Grandma's china to shame.

This Ain't Your Grandma's Pottery

So what exactly makes this new collection so... interesting? It all goes back to two things - the ancient art of soda-fired pottery (cousin to salt firing) and the experienced hands of our female-led pottery team.


This unique soda-fired technique has been around for millennia but revived during the 60's and 70's, and it's only thanks to the hands of our talented artisans that this tradition is being kept alive. With their skillful interpretation of these age-old practices, we're able to bring you an authentically ancient collection - full of character, charm, and nostalgia. 

But how exactly does it work? It starts with a lot of heat (we're talking about temperatures of up to 1,400 degrees Celsius!), combined with the chemical compound soda ash. The resulting chemical reaction and high heat create a unique blend of textural qualities that can't be achieved with any other firing method.


Soda firing can also be used to create exciting effects, such as crystalline glazes, metallic lusters, and textured surfaces. You’ve never seen a retro handmade mug like this!

The best part? Each piece is entirely vitrified - a fancy term meaning it's safe to use in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher. So put those velvet gloves away - these pieces are made to be used!


An Ancient Vibe for Every Occasion

Within every piece of Palinopsia's Soda-Fired Pottery Collection lies a tribute to an ancient art form brought back to life thanks to the skilful hands of our talented pottery team. 

Crafted by a female-led studio in Thailand, the collection is overseen by the head ceramics master - who at 84 years of age still throws clay, and has dedicated 66 years to mastering the technique her entire life. A heart of gold, she and her team have help us to craft a fantastic rustic collection of mugs, cups, plates, and bowls that are infused with the soul of Thai pottery.

You'll get lost in the details of each piece and feel the love and passion that went into the creation of the collection. An ancient art form is alive and kicking - and it's ready to adorn your tabletops!

Step Back In Time With Palinsopia's Soda Collection

When you really want to bring the quintessential vintage vibe to your home, Palinopsia's Ancient Soda-Fired Pottery Collection is exactly what you need. Uniquely beautiful and authentically ancient, each piece of this collection is handmade with love and skill by our team in Thailand. Visit Palinopsia's Darby Street store to see the pieces for yourself, or dine out at Sydney's 6Head Restaurant to see the plates in action. 


Whether you are sharing a cup of coffee with a friend or wrestling the kids down for dinner, you can trust that this collection will bring a bit of nostalgia to your everyday. This is ancient pottery, made modern. It's Palinopsia's Soda-Fired Pottery Collection - and it belongs in your home.


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