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Contoured Salad Servers

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Introducing our fabulous Teak Salad Servers, the eco-friendly heroes of your salad adventures! Handmade with love using traditional techniques and recycled wood from our teak tabletop range, these servers are not only beautiful but also do their part for the planet.

With dimensions of 37 x 9 x 2H cm, these servers strike the perfect balance between comfort and efficiency. They're like the MVPs (Most Valuable Players) of salad serving, making your tossing and serving experience a breeze.

Handcrafted by our talented artisans, these servers showcase their skillful craftsmanship and passion for sustainability. Each piece tells a story of transformation, turning recycled wood into a stylish and functional utensil.

So, why settle for ordinary servers when you can have extraordinary ones? Choose our Teak Salad Servers and add a touch of wit and eco-friendly flair to your table. It's time to serve up salads with style and a side of sustainability. Get ready to make a statement and enjoy the fresh goodness of your greens!