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Hand Salad Servers

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Introducing our eco-friendly Hand Salad Servers - the short and snappy superheroes of the salad world, made from recycled wood! These servers may be tiny, but they punch above their weight when it comes to tossing power. Their ergonomic design makes them agile, so swirl and pirouette with the grace of a salsa dancer, all in the name of creating the perfect salad.

Serving salads has never been this cool. With dimensions of 18 x 10 x 2H cm, these servers fit perfectly in your hands, ensuring smooth moves as you mix and serve. Say goodbye to clumsy tongs and hello to effortless elegance!

Crafted by skilled artisans in Java, Indonesia, these servers are a blend of craftsmanship and eco-consciousness. They turn recycled wood into a classic masterpiece that's as beautiful as it is practical.