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Pollock Dinner Set

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Bring the beauty of the Italian coast to your dining table with our handmade dinner set, that will make you feel like you're dining on the Italian coast, minus the jet lag. Its winning features are: organic shapes, drippy glaze, individual abstract design, it's handmade stoneware crafted on the west coast of Portugal, and a gorgeous blue and white splatter pattern that screams 'I have good taste.'

This set comes with everything you need to impress your guests: a dinner plate for the main course, a pasta bowl for your al dente creations, a lunch plate for a lighter meal, and a cereal bowl for breakfast (or midnight snacks). 

Its hand formed, painted and hand trimmed so variation should be expected. Dishwasher SafeMicrowave safe and Oven proof, talk about a triple threat! 

But our dinner set isn't just about great looks and functionality—it's also steeped in Portuguese history. Portugal has a long tradition of ceramic production - it's like the OG of pottery. With artisans passing down their techniques from generation to generation. By choosing our dinner set, you're not just investing in a beautiful addition to your home, you're also supporting the rich cultural heritage of this beautiful country. Trust us, your Instagram feed will thank you.