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Timber Breakfast Bowl

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Introducing our fabulous Recycled Timber Breakfast Bowls, a true work of art handcrafted using traditional techniques and reclaimed wood. Not only is it a stunning classic piece, but it's also an eco-friendly superstar, making Mother Nature do a happy dance!

This bowl is a breakfast dream come true, perfect for holding a delightful array of fruits. But hey, it's not just limited to mornings! It's also a fantastic sidekick in the kitchen, ideal for taco fillings and salads where shared meals take the spotlight.

Measuring 15 x 7H cm, this bowl is a compact powerhouse of style and functionality. And guess what? It's made in Java, Indonesia, where the skilled artisans work their magic, transforming recycled wood into pure magnificence. So, you not only get a gorgeous bowl but also support sustainable craftsmanship.

Embrace the beauty of nature and turn your breakfast (and more) into a memorable affair with our Recycled Timber Breakfast Bowl. Get ready to make your taste buds dance and the planet smile!