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Sabe Dinner Set

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Looking for a dinner set that screams sophistication and style without being too stuffy? Look no further than our Art Deco-inspired collection. We've taken cues from the iconic architecture of Porto to create a set that's sleek, modern, and just a little bit dramatic.

With refined, flat base shapes and a raised lip, the Sabe set is the perfect balance of elegance and practicality. Dusty blues, warm greys, and blacks make for a timeless palette that will enhance the presentation of you food

This three-piece set includes a dinner plate, pasta bowl, and breakfast bowl, all crafted with care from high-quality stoneware on the west coast of Portugal. So whether you're serving up a fancy feast or just enjoying some cereal, you'll do it in style.

The Sabe dinner plate is flat Ø26cm with a 2.5cm high raised lip, the cereal bowl is deep Ø14.5cm and 11cm high, and the pasta bowl is Ø21cm with a 3.5cm high raised lip. 

To care for your new collection, we suggest avoiding storing them in dish drawers and instead keeping them in a stationary position, such as a cupboard. This will prevent them from knocking against each other and potentially causing damage to the flat raised edges. We want your ceramics to last, so handle them with care and they'll serve you beautifully for years to come.