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Soda Serving Platter

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Introducing our soda-fired large round serving platter, a true masterpiece for your dining table. With its flat base and ample size, it's the perfect canvas for presenting low salads, mouthwatering roasts, and catering to those big family gatherings. Made from stoneware and crafted with love, it pays homage to the glorious stoneware era of our grandparents, adding a touch of nostalgia to your table. Its earthy hues, rustic appeal, and organic shape make it a standout piece that effortlessly elevates your culinary creations. Whether you're serving up a feast or showcasing your culinary prowess, this serving platter is ready to impress and become the focal point of your gathering.

Our Soda Serving Platter is Ø36cm x 4cm high, it's made from high quality stoneware, with a clay sourced from far North East Thailand, and then it's fired to extremely high temperatures for over 12 hours (twice!). Making this piece very durable and fully vitrified (a fancy way of saying it won't absorb food and colour). 

The Soda collection is handmade by a female studio in North East Thailand, using slip casts, wheels, jiggers and jollys. Its hand glazed and hand trimmed so variation should be expected. Dishwasher SafeMicrowave safe and Oven proof, talk about a triple threat!