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Wooden Cake Stand

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Introducing our show-stopping Wooden Cake Stand, the "slice" of brilliance your desserts have been waiting for! Handcrafted with love using traditional techniques and recycled wood, this stand is not just any ordinary piece—it's the ultimate blend of style, sustainability, and a dash of rustic charm.

Picture this: your scrumptious cake or mouthwatering platter perched atop this wooden wonder, stealing the spotlight and leaving your guests "crumb"-struck. It's like giving your treats their very own wooden stage, where they can shine and tempt everyone's taste buds!

Choose from two sizes to suit your occasion. The small size (20 x 7.5H cm) is perfect for intimate gatherings and petite delights, while the large size (25 x 10.5H cm) takes the cake at extravagant parties and indulgent feasts.

Handcrafted in the beautiful land of Java, Indonesia, our artisans transform recycled wood into a true work of art that's not only stunning but also tells a story of sustainability and craftsmanship.