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Coffee Cups

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The coffee cup that calls for long sips and extended slurps, to find your perch on the kitchen island bench and do sweet nothing for a moment or two. Available in four colours, pick a set or mix and match. Speckled clay with speckled glazes. Each piece is slightly varied both in size and colour. 

Ø 7.5cm x 8.5cm heigh

Flat exposed base, hand polished 

Ceramics By Elkie Stamp 

Handmade and wheel thrown pieces by Newcastle ceramist Elkie Fairbrother. Drawn to shape and form, her organic in form, hand-thrown pieces are so unique they have her fingerprints all over them. Each piece is carefully built, trimmed and glazed. After many firings, Elke is certain of two things: failure is important, and you can't rush ceramics.