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Teak Corner Serving Spoon

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Introducing our exquisite Teak Corner Serving Spoon, a true kitchen companion and a proud member of our handmade wood product range. Crafted with meticulous care in Java, Indonesia, this spoon showcases the beauty of recycled wood and traditional craftsmanship.

With dimensions of 30 x 8 x 2H cm, its slightly arched shape resembling a gracefully curved branch, this spoon brings a touch of organic elegance to your culinary endeavours. Made from teak, known for its durability and natural beauty, each spoon is a unique work of art, reflecting the rich heritage and skilful techniques of Java's artisans.

Embrace sustainable utensils that not only enhance your cooking prowess but also make a statement about your commitment to eco-friendly practices. Add the Teak Serving Spoon to your kitchen arsenal and enjoy the perfect blend of functionality and timeless style.