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Wooden Fruit Bowl

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Introducing our Recycled Timber Fruit and Salad Bowl, a true work of art crafted using traditional techniques and recycled wood. Not only are these bowls classic beauties, but they're also eco-friendly superheroes, saving the planet one salad at a time.

We've got you covered with three sizes to suit every occasion. The small size (19.5 x 9.5H, opening 17cm) is perfect for serving two, while the medium (24.5 x 12.5H, opening 22.5cm) and large (30 x 15H, opening 27cm) sizes are ideal for sharing with friends and family. Salad nights and fruit displays just got a whole lot more exciting!

Handcrafted with love in Java, Indonesia, these bowls showcase the skilful craftsmanship and rich heritage of the region. Each bowl tells a unique story, with its textured recycled wood and intricate details.

So, let's make your salad game strong and your fruit displays magnificent. Embrace sustainability without compromising on style with our Recycled Timber Fruit and Salad Bowl. Trust us, it's the bowl that will make your taste buds dance and Mother Earth smile.